Zintiel is an agent of chaos and the current roommate of Marelle and Nitrine.

In the Author's Words Edit

She's crazy. Oh, you want to know more? Okay. High elves are gracious, elegant, righteous and noble. Except Zintiel. Zintiel does whatever she feels like at any one time, which may range from saving kittens from a fire to robbing a bank and anything in between or beyond. She doesn't let herself be bound by rules, social conventions or laws of physics. She appears to act completely randomly at times, but she's more clever than she lets on.

Appearance Edit

Zintiel is tall and thin. She is quite muscular. She wears heavy, dark makeup and her hair is mostly purple with long, orange bangs that frame her face. She wears typically either workout clothes or punkish style casual clothing. Future!Zintiel wears a red one piece with a mesh front. Her eyes have no iris. She is usually smiling which only makes her more unsettling.

Present Timeline Edit

Future Timeline Edit

When Nitrine goes to the future in Once and Future Fling, she comes across Zintiel who looks remarkably similar if a bit futurific. Her outfit is revealing which shows off her chaos mark on her hip quite clearly. It's revealed that in the future, Zintiel has married Marelle and that in the future Zintiel's powers get even more chaotic. Zintiel has become bored, saying that she has fought all sorts of creatures at once and won. The only thing she finds exciting anymore is cheating on her wife. However, before she and Nitrine kiss, Nitrine is sent back to the past. Marelle is ok with this though

In Future Teens, Zintiel has a daughter, Chlorilin, who calls her Mizza and whom Marelle and Zintiel have adopted. Zintiel tells Chlorilin she is the descendent of a long dead friend most probably Nitrine.

A picture of Marelle and Zintiel's wedding.

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Prince Camambar Altarmagon



Sister Mona Theist

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"Hey girls."

"Violence is the solution to every problem!"