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==Part 1: The Third Girl==
==Part 1: The Third Girl==
[[Nitrine]] and [[Marelle]] search for a third roommate to help [ pay their rent], interviewing [[Sister Mona Theist]], [[Morgana Honeydew]] (sparking the [ rivalry] between her and Nitrine), Leslie, and Professor Tracy. [[Zintiel]] arrives and takes the roommate position by providing a [ pile of treasure], though Nitrine later reveals the two of them [ have met before].
[[Nitrine]] and [[Marelle]] search for a third roommate to help pay their rent<ref></ref>, interviewing [[Sister Mona Theist]], [[Morgana Honeydew]] (sparking the [ rivalry] between her and Nitrine), Leslie, and Professor Tracy. [[Zintiel]] arrives and takes the roommate position by providing a [ pile of treasure], though Nitrine later reveals the two of them [ have met before].
==Part 2: Real Adventure Dungeon Quest==
==Part 2: Real Adventure Dungeon Quest==

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Part 1: The Third Girl

Nitrine and Marelle search for a third roommate to help pay their rent[1], interviewing Sister Mona Theist, Morgana Honeydew (sparking the rivalry between her and Nitrine), Leslie, and Professor Tracy. Zintiel arrives and takes the roommate position by providing a pile of treasure, though Nitrine later reveals the two of them have met before.

Part 2: Real Adventure Dungeon Quest

Zintiel shows her roommates how she acquired her wealth by bringing them to the Real Adventure Dungeon Quest. After they fail to buy scrolls of Exodus, Nitrine and Marelle find themselves unprepared for dungeoneering and unable to escape. They descend on the hopes that finding the legendary artifact will transport them back to the surface, discovering the Neighbour and Sir Manfred along the way. When the girls face dire circumstances, Zintiel uses her OMEGA MURDER BLAST to destroy the dungeon. Nitrine finds the legendary artifact in the rubble, transporting them to Cryptos the Omnipotent and back to the surface. The girls then head to the bar where Nitrine met Kurt.

Part 3: Lovers in a Dangerous Place

Kurt struggles to date Nitrine, sensing she is not interested in a relationship, but falls for her anyway. Marelle is revealed to have a crush on the Neighbour, kissing him unexpectedly in an attempt to hide herself from her unwanted pursuer, Gabriel. Gabriel and the Neighbour then duel for Marelle's honour. Though Gabriel is the victor, he is off-put to discover Marelle isn't human. Zintiel's fiancé, an Elven Prince, finds her at the apartment, prompting her to hide in the university. The Prince engages the help of Commander Tares and his Manticores, Zintiel's brother, to bring her back to his kingdom. Zintiel remains free, but keeps her engagement to the Prince.

Part 4: Invention to Party

Nitrine starts building a surprise invention in her room with the help of Griplen, Graplen, and Groplen, waking her roommates. The machine initially fails. Kurt arrives and lends a hand, learning of Nitrine's past inventions. Sir Manfred also visits the apartment from the kitchen sink, his body having been stuck underground from the collapse of the Real Adventure Dungeon Quest. The Neighbour stops by after noticing several items missing, stolen for use by Nitrine's invention by Griplen. The next trial of the machine is a success, reducing itself into a belt that turns Nitrine into a superhero. The effect only lasts 30 seconds before freezing. The Neighbour also brings Marelle on a date at the natural history museum

Part 5: Rivalkyries

Marelle argues why she is not a catgirl and is later pushed aside by Prism who calls her "animal-thing." Meanwhile, Zintiel attempts to find a job. She learns of Marelle's difficulties with Prism but fails to punch Prism in the face. Marelle later concludes that Prism is a robot. At the library, Prism knocks several bookshelves onto Marelle. who survives and finds a secret lab. She learns Prism's goal, as well as the code phrase to activate Prism's true purpose: to kill. Prism's attacks Marelle, who manages to find a failsafe and return Prism to normal. She holds the knowledge of Prism's code phrase as leverage to reprogram her.

Zintiel's job-seeking continues. Her chaotic-evil behavior caught the attention of Sister Mona, prompting her to attack Zintiel with a sword. Zintiel relishes the villain role, eventually subduing Mona with her hair. After refreshing, Zintiel returns to attack Mona that night.

All the while, Nitrine catches the attention of Professor Tracy, learning how to bring imaginary characters to life and immediately making a duplicate of herself. Morgana overhears the lesson, creating Moirganae and confronting Nitrine. Nitrine activates her superhero armour, running out of power more quickly than expected, and escapes by creating numerous duplicates. She seeks Kurt's help, prompting her to steal the legendary artifact to use as a power source. During an intermission, Leslie runs into Daran.

Moirganae learns that Nitrine can uncreate her duplicates, turning on Morgana . Nitrine fights Moirganae with her improved superhero armour. Their battle causes the collapse of a building, prompting Mona to stop dueling Zintiel and rescue people instead. Zintiel turns it into a competition to see who can save more people. Close to defeat, Nitrine gives Moirganae the superhero armour, but removes the power source. Moirganae is absorbed into the belt when the armour reverts. Nitrine and Morgana's rivalry cumulates in them making out, while Zintiel and Mona end on a truce.

Part 6: The Once and Future Fling

[section pending]

Part 7: Turnover

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Part 8: The Search for Nitrine

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Part 9: Days of our Elves

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Part 10: Slices of Flaky Pastry

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Rise of the Trio

A Normal Day


The Prince and the Wizard

Future Teens

Curse of the Un-icorn: Overture


Part 11

[story in progress]


[section incomplete]

Croissant's Corner

100th Flaky Pastry Extravanganza Spectacular

Race for the Taste

Deep Inside the Brittle Crust

Delicious Filler

Meeting after the events in Rivalkyries, the rivals Morgana Honeydew, Prism, and Sister Mona Theist become roommates. They are visited by Polly, Mona's sister. Polly is seeking the Black Heptagon. They discover the Black Heptagon is missing and was replaced by a taunting note. It is shown to be in the Neighbour's possession.

Continuing the search, Prism discovers the paper was produced in Morgana's village. Polly also arrives, fighting Mona and summoning an owl-bear. Morgana is saved from danger by a mysterious swordsman that resembles her dead crush Carnior. Prism finds a new lead, and Croissant is seen texting the Neighbour to alert him that they have been discovered. Before they leave the village, the trio gets sidetracked.

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